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Winter Hustle: Fall and Winter Hats ’09
November 11, 2009, 12:04 am
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Here is a sampling of what is ready-made now, what will come, and what I have in stock this season for materials to choose from for made-to-order.

By boy Justin of Justin Keena Photography shot these hats for me, the hats are available for purchase through OPEN Bicycle in Union Square.

Note: The mannequin head we used in the shoot was really small. The Fall/Winter hats generally are slightly (1/2″) deeper than a baseball cap so you can tuck your ears under while riding without having your whole ear covered.


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Super pumped. Just went and ordered mine.

Comment by MattShoemaker

God I love it! I would really like to make myself one of theese :). Whould you share a pattern you are using? Gosh, I BEG U!

Comment by Michał

Thanks for the kind words! I found my pattern online a couple years ago and then made some mods as my customers gave me feedback. Vamping on a simple design is the best way to progress a product. You can do a simple google search to find a site like this one here.
Good luck!

Comment by seedssewn

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