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Baby Styles
December 4, 2009, 2:25 pm
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So we are having a boy and this has been something of a daily epiphany for me. It usually goes something like this in my head… “Hey, I’m having a baby. Wow, I’m really having a baby! AND it’s a Boy!!! A BOY!!!” Then my phone rings at my desk adn brings me back to reality until I hang up and then it’s back dreaming of all the fun things we will do together and all the things I will teach him how to do. For instance… ride a bike, climb a tree, build a fort, swing on a rope swing, build a snowman and how to pack teh perfect snowball… ring… rrrING… RINGGGG! Oh, what?… “Hello this is David speaking. How may I help you?”

So I have also been thinking about what Little Pup will wear. I found these…

Wolf on Wolfe

“These  super-soft onesies are made with 100% organic cotton & printed with lead-free ink.” They even have matching prints for Mom and Dad. Little Lark has onesies, tops, bottoms, letterpress cards and lots of other cool printwears for you and your little ones… and your big ones too.

Follow them on  TWITTER, FACEBOOK friend them, or just be a  FAN!


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David, I love you!!! Can’t wait to have our little wolfe pup with you


Comment by Sarah Wolfe

My Love! Thank you! Little Pup will be loved for sure. He will paint like is mom and ride like his dad… I hope!

Comment by seedssewn

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